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Discover the Power of Laser Soldering with KBF Laser’s SL495/pro

When it comes to precise soldering tasks, KBF Laser‘s SL495/pro laser soldering machine is a game-changer. It combines cutting-edge features with superior performance to deliver exceptional results across various industries. Whether you’re in electronics, automotive, or manufacturing, our SL495/pro model is designed to meet your soldering needs with precision and efficiency.

Key Features of the SL495/pro Laser Soldering Machine

The SL495/pro stands out with its advanced features that make soldering a breeze. The one-piece vibration-free water cooling system ensures stable operation, allowing for accurate and consistent soldering. With the dual display featuring a microscopic eyepiece electronic CCD camera, you can achieve a clear view of the soldering process, enhancing accuracy and control.

Operating the SL495/pro is effortless thanks to the seven-inch color touch screen. It provides real-time monitoring and intuitive operation, allowing you to adjust settings with ease. The machine’s adaptive voltage regulation micro power supply, ranging from 80W to 100W, ensures efficient and reliable soldering performance. Additionally, the inclusion of a rocker valve and material collection plate enhances the overall user experience.

Advantages of Choosing KBF Laser’s Laser Soldering Solutions

By choosing KBF Laser’s laser soldering solutions, businesses can enjoy numerous advantages that set us apart as industry leaders. The SL495/pro machine features easy parameter adjustment options, allowing you to customize soldering parameters based on your specific requirements. The vertical control screen design not only makes it convenient to use but also facilitates transportation.

Our independent unit module design simplifies installation, production, and maintenance processes. Each functional component is designed as a separate unit, making it easy to replace or repair if needed. This design approach saves valuable time and ensures that your soldering operations can continue without significant interruptions.


When it comes to laser soldering, KBF Laser’s SL495/pro model offers exceptional precision, efficiency, and reliability. Its advanced features, such as the vibration-free water cooling system and dual display with microscopic eyepiece electronic CCD camera, enable precise and accurate soldering operations. With the convenience of the seven-inch touch screen and adaptable voltage regulation micro power supply, our laser soldering machine provides intuitive control and superior performance. Choose KBF Laser for your soldering needs and unlock the power of laser technology. Our solutions are tailored to meet the demands of various industries, offering versatile applications and reliable results. Contact us today to learn more about the SL495/pro laser soldering machine and how it can elevate your soldering operations to new heights.

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