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  1. One piece without vibration water cooling;
  2. Dual display of microscopic eyepiece electronic CCD camera;
  3. Seven-inch color real-time monitoring and touch screen operation in one;
  4. Adaptive voltage regulation micro power supply 80-100W;
  5. Equipped with rocker valve and material collection plate;
  6. Electric water shortage water full automatic protection;
  7. Automatic temperature control speed regulation and heat dissipation;
  8. Parameter adjustment touch input, buttons, and joystick optional;
  9. The control screen is designed vertically and flat, which is easy to use and transport;
  10. Ring-shaped shadowless cold light and 360-degree warm light spotlight lighting are optional;
  11. Independent unit module design of each functional component, easy to install, produce, and maintain!
  12. Length 495*width 300*height 310 (458mm including eyepiece height)
  13. The weight of the whole machine ≤ 28KG; Including package weight≤ 30.5KG
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