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Industry Case
Overview of the Solutions

PCB is one of the most important parts of the electronics industry, industrial output value accounted for about 1/4 of the total output value of electronic components, the largest proportion in various electronic components industry segments,with the increasing demand for wearable electronic consumer goods such as smartphones, the rapid development of PCB industry has been further promoted.

And the emergence of laser technology in the industry, also made the PCB industry enter an explosive growth. There are four main applications of laser technology in PCB industry: laser cutting, laser welding, laser measurement and laser marking.

Our Advantages

The traditional PCB industry uses press bonding or high temperature sintering, and then through exposure, development and etching into the final line, not only a great deal of waste of materials, but also the time limit, product precision and capacity and pollution problems. With laser processing technology, we can achieve high speed, energy saving and pollution-free access to high-quality PCB circuit boards.

First, the laser processing method is non-contact processing, the processing part of the heat affected zone is small.
Two, laser processing is more precise, micron level processing, especially in the electronic circuit board, the production of small holes and special-shaped molding is particularly prominent.
Three,laser processing accuracy is high, laser beam spot diameter of 1μm below, can be ultra fine processing. It is non-contact machining, without obvious mechanical force, easy to locate, identify and ensure higher machining accuracy.
Four,laser processing, wide range of materials, suitable for processing all kinds of metal and non-metallic materials.
Five, laser processing performance is good, the processing situation and working environment without special requirements, no vacuum environment, no radioactive ray, no pollution. Laser processing with high speed, high efficiency, flexible and simple.
Application Product
Precision Laser Cutting Machine
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