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About KBF

KBF Introduction:

Shenzhen KBF Laser Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is a laser application technology as the core, and supports the overall automation solutions of high-tech enterprises.
We have subsidiary corporations and representative offices in Suzhou, Huizhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei, Chongqing. The number of staff is more than hundreds, 65% are technical and research and development, and 35% are heart of developers.
Customer Services:
Has rich experience in laser machines and overall automation solutions. Recently, the main products of the company are: laser electrode pad cleaning/laser cutting system for electrode tabs, SMT laser online tracking system, ultra-fast laser precision processing system with high power laser machine, Laser welding system and new energy solutions, etc.
Also, we provide various specifications of non-standard automatic laser equipment for our customers.Moreover, we will upgrade the existing production line to the 4.0 intelligent for the customers.


The KBF Laser defines business philosophy with motivation by science and technology innovation, building on people-oriented, customer-centrism, cooperation, mutual benefits, trustworthiness. KBF aspires to be the international enterprise that is a perfect balance between technology and humanities, and eventually leads in the equipment manufacturing industry.

We will become a laser intelligent manufacturing enterprise of KNOW-HOW in segmented customers, product processes, and integrated solutions for the industry. Create an enterprise specialized in subdivided fields, refined in industry craftsmanship, excellent in product quality, and employed well-being.

Our Mission
One-stop solutions

Various laser machines and overall automation solutions

With rich experience in laser application technology and overall automation solutions, we can provide customers with non-standard automatic laser equipment of various specifications, as well as the industrial 4.0 transformation and connection of existing production lines
Reliable Products & Services
Quality guarantee. Lifelong online free pre-sale and after-sale service
All of our laser sources are full watt and the power is very stable. We conducted 48 hours of online testing before leaving the factory. Proofing, customization, integration of industry and trade, lifelong free remote after-sales support, and exclusive logistics are safe and reliable

R&D Advantage

Strong R&D team. Experienced engineers.
On average, the laser team and lithium battery team have 15 years of deep experience in the industry, with rich industrial background,R&D personnel of all employees of the company account for more than 65%, and core technicians account for more than 35%.
Our Company
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