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Industry Case
Overview of the Solutions

3C industry is the abbreviation of three categories of electronic products: Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, electronic products upgraded towards the direction of high integration, high precision.

Its product components are getting more and more compact, precision, electronic integration is getting higher and higher. In product development, lighter, thinner, more portable design is the goal of the designer, which brings advances in new materials, new technology, and laser is the representative of rapid development electronic products manufacturing.

Because of the small heat-affected area of laser processing, precision machining, high processing speed, it’s easy to achieve the technology which conventional methods can not be achieved easily, laser marking has been more widely used in the 3C industry.

At present, laser machining processes widely used in the 3C industry: laser marking, laser printing on aluminium oxide, metal deep carving, laser drilling, laser welding electronics, and so on. In the premise of precision machining, traditional printing, stamping, CNC and other processes have been unable to meet the increasing processing needs, or can not control the cost of production effectively.
Our Advantages
  • Large-scale
Manufacturers of 3C industry, especially OEM / EMS are manufacturing, mainly rely on yield to earn benefits, the requiring of equipment is also a large share. At present, the 3C manufacturers in mainland which have more than 50 laser equipment are numerous. This requires equipment to maintain a low frequency of failure, the use of low cost, the advantages of this fiber laser are self-evident.
  • Process Innovation
Products of electronics industry are epidemic personalized consumer goods, in order to attract consumers, only to keep producing new bright spot in the shape and function. The user has great expectations for laser processing in the process of product innovation. Especially precision processing, it has higher requirements of optical quality, only fiber lasers and end pump lasers can meet the requirements. In contrast, due to the wider range, fiber lasers are more popular.
  • Mainstream
Laser technology in the 3C industry applications from the optional process into the current mainstream applications. It has been defined that laser processing must be operated like a CNC machine. The requirements of the quality & popularity of equipment are getting higher and higher, and even spring up professional laser processing OEM manufacturers. Laser becoming mainstream requires its versatility and process more forward-looking, that only fiber laser machine has such a huge potential to be tapped.
Application Product
QCW Galvanometer Welding Machine
Three-axis Rotary Marking Machine
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