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Industry Case
Overview of the Solutions

In the jewelry industry, the traditional processing technology grows high, the cycle is long, and the customer experience is poor. Using jewelry laser machines has obvious advantages: the introduction of rapid prototyping technology can greatly shorten the pattern to produce jewelry from the original time; the use of laser marking and laser engraving enriches the jewelry surface processing technology, which can further satisfy the demand for personalized jewelry; grinding can reach the minimum loss of laser cutting. Laser processing technology is playing a more and more important role in the jewelry industry.

Manufacturing and retail jewelers presently the use of jewelry laser welders are regularly great for the extensive variety of purposes and the capability to produce a greater first-rate product in much less time with fewer substances whilst removing immoderate warmness effects.

In recent years, laser processing technology has become more and more widely used in the jewelry industry, including laser welding, laser rapid prototyping technology, laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting and grinding. The fee of many earrings laser welding machines has decreased, making them more and more cheap for ring manufacturers, small graph studios, restore stores and retail jewelers whilst supplying extra aspects and flexibility to the user, often have. The earrings laser welding computing device discover that the time, labor and cloth financial savings realized some distance outweigh the unique buy price.

Our Advantages
  • Adorn Article Laser Marking Machine
Laser surface finishing technology is a kind of laser processing technology which was used earlier. It uses evaporation and the shallow layers of ablated material to produce the desired markings. With the traditional jewelry marking technology than its main advantages: 1. Using computer control, more easy to change graphics; 2. Using laser processing, characterization of fine adapt to modern production efficiency and high speed requirements; 3. Material wide applicability, good durability, in the absence of external force can ensure the accuracy of jewelry; 4.Flexible processing method, suitable for mass production; 5. Environmental protection, no pollution.
  • Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
Laser welding is widely used in jewelry manufacturing because of its high welding strength, low speed and low reject rate. Compared with the traditional welding technique,it has the following advantages: 1. Quick speed, high strength, small deformation, no correction and clean up after welding; 2. Suitable for welding precision workpiece, can ensure machining quality; 3. High assembly precision and contribute to the development of new technology; 4. Good consistency and stability; 5. It can simplify the work of repairing parts; 6.Environmental protection, without pollution; 7. Save machining metal materials.
  • Jewelry Laser Engraving Machine
Laser engraving works in a continuous or repetitive manner to assist in the protection of gas from oxidation during operation. Laser engraving can be seen as a linear extension of laser marking technology. Under suitable focusing, some lasers can reach 30um laser points, and they can be carved with very small patterns, carving in 1mm square in the region is not only beautiful but also has the function of anti-counterfeiting.
  • Laser Rapid Prototyping
Laser rapid prototyping technology in the integrated application of modern technology (such as computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, computer numerical control, laser technology and new materials etc.) is a new technology developed on the basis of. Computer design can be quickly translated into solid models, in brief, attributed to 3D printing. The technology in the jewelry manufacturing industry is mainly used for jewelry casting molding, original mold of EPC, wax manufacturing etc.. Laser rapid prototyping technology can greatly shorten the product research and development cycle.
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Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
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