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200W integrated laser spot welding machine

  • The power supply in the adaptive voltage regulation mode adopts a drawer-type structure, which is easy to move out, so the machine itself is easy to maintain.
  • No need to fill welding consumables, high welding speed, reliable contacts, small workpiece deformation, and beautiful forming.
  • The laser cavity adopts the products of internationally renowned manufacturers, which ensures the high reliability and high performance of the equipment.
  • The unique YAG crystal cooling method improves beam quality and xenon lamp life, reducing operating costs.
  • With 24 hours of continuous operation, stable performance of the whole machine, electric adjustable beam expander The user-friendly design, in line with ergonomics, working long hours without fatigue.
  • 10x microscope system based on pioneered the use of high definition CCD observation system to ensure spot effect in appearance.
  • Use a 7-inch LED screen, able to switch in Chinese and English freely, and pace with the international market.
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