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4 Benefits of Using Jewelry Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry Manufacturers

Laser welding has helped revolutionize the way we manufacture and repair jewelry. However, it should not be considered a new technology, having been used since the 1970s. It has only been adopted into the jewelry-making industry somewhat recently.

A jewelry laser welding machine relies on a strong beam of light to create fine points in jewelry. The small yet controllable nature of the laser pulse makes it easier to manipulate with Accuracy so welders can make precise alterations to their jewelry.

Today laser welding has become one of the most popular techniques used to manufacture permanent jewelry.


Laser Welding Machines vs. Traditional Soldering Machines

Before jewelry laser welding machines, jewelry manufacturers used traditional soldering machines. Traditional soldering works by aligning the pieces of jewelry together and applying heated filler metal onto the joint to join them together. Once the metal cools down, it hardens the connection between them.

While the machine is effective, it has several shortages, making it much less reliable. For example, it is much harder to manipulate when making joints, reducing the Accuracy. It is also a much more time-consuming process, especially due to post-cleanup after the soldering process is complete. The joint formed from solder is also weaker than solid gold and, in some cases, may irritate the skin.

Due to these reasons, laser welding machines are considered the ideal solution for jewelry manufacturers.


Benefits of  Using Laser Welding Machines

There are several reasons why laser welding machines are considered the best choice for jewelry manufacturing. Below are some of the numerous advantages that they provide:

  •  Accuracy

Unlike traditional soldering machines, the laser welding process uses a fine-pulsing laser that is highly focused, giving the manufacturer remarkable control and precision. This way, jewelers can result in virtually invisible, high-quality welds.

  • Stability Assurance

Most laser machines offer pulsed lasers for jewelry making. This pulsed laser gives it much more stability and control over heating than continuous heating. At the same time, this localized form of heating saves the surrounding area of your jewelry pieces from any effects of the heat. Controlling the heat protects the work zone from any potential discoloration or deformation.

  •  Speed

Laser welding is faster than traditional welding methods, enabling on-time and high-quality deliveries. This feature makes it a more efficient and cost-effective solution for jewelry production.

  •  Wide Application Range

Laser welding is the most widely used jewelry manufacturing technique, as it can be employed in various applications. Jewelry laser welders can weld various metals like gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. They can also handle delicate materials such as gemstones. Also, it can further be used in repairing, engraving, marking, cutting, and shaping your jewelry.


The Most Reliable Laser Machine Manufacturer

There are a variety of jewelry welding laser machines available in the market. Some of the most reliable jewelry laser machines can be sourced from KBF Laser. Please take a moment to review our top-selling laser welding machines and their respective features:

 100W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

This 100W jewelry laser welding machine is a desktop jewelry laser welder. Laser stability with an ammonia lamp life of over 5 million times. Small weld joint width, small heat affected zone, low product deformation, high welding strength, and no porosity.

  • Power:200W/100W/60W(optional)
  • Input power: AC220V50/60HZ
  • Pulse width:3-20ms
  • LCD: Color three-dimensional user-friendly interface
  • Control system: PC
  • Aim at positioning: Microscope
  • Alarm: All error alarms can be displayed and queried
  • Wavelength: 1064nm
  • Working medium:Nd:YAG
  • Frequency: 1-20HZ
  • Cooling system: Internal/external water cooling (optional)
  • Electro-optical conversion efficiency: More than 3%


 SLW420Pro-200 Integrated Laser Spot Welding Machine

The SLW420Pro-200 is a new-generation eyepiece and camera dual-display jewelry spot welding machine. It offers a high-definition video display of the welding activity so you can accurately repair seams, fill in holes, spot welding, and perform other sensitive parts of jewelry manufacturing and repair.

  • Model: SLW420-200
  • Maximum laser power: 200W
  • Laser wavelength: 1064nm
  • Welding frequency:  ≤ 50Hz
  • Pulse width: 1-20ms
  • The spot diameter adjustable range: 1-3.0mm
  • The whole machine consumes power: ≤5KW
  • Control system: MCU program control and AC220V± 10%/50Hz/30A


SL510 Desktop Integrated Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

The SL510 is a small, highly portable, easy-to-handle jewelry laser welding machine. It uses a high-definition microscopic eyepiece and electronic camera to display your laser welding process in real time. It relies on a high-quality voltage regulating power to deliver smooth welding results.

  • Maximum laser power:60W
  • Laser wavelength:1064nm
  • Maximum single pulse energy:60J
  • Welding frequency:≤30Hz
  • Pulse width:1-20ms
  • The spot diameter adjustable range: 1-3.0mm
  • The power consumptionof the machine is ≤2.8KW
  • Power demand: AC220V± 10%/50Hz/10A
  • Control system: MCU program control and water cooling


About KBF Laser

KBF Laser is a leading automated solution and laser machine manufacturer for various industries. Initially founded in 2012, the company excels at building customer-centric, innovative, and reliable technologies for companies worldwide. We provide a range of solutions to choose from applications in the SMT industry, PCB industry, lithium industry, appliance industry, to jewelry industry. For more information on our services, please contact us directly. Our team of experts is at your disposal and eager to assist you!