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Enhance Your Metal Fabrication Business with KBF Laser’s Pipe Cutting Laser Machines

 At KBF Laser, we understand the importance of efficiency and precision in the metal fabrication industry. Our CO2 and fiber laser cutting machines are designed to cater to a wide range of materials, including metal, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, plastic, glass, and more. Join us as we explore the key features and advantages of our pipe cutting laser machine, and discover how KBF Laser can revolutionize your metal fabrication business.

Versatile and High-Accuracy Cutting Capabilities

Our pipe cutting laser machines offer exceptional versatility and high-accuracy cutting capabilities. With a cutting area of 900mm*1300mm and a cutting thickness ranging from 1mm to 30mm, our machines can handle a variety of materials with ease. Whether you’re working on metal sheets or tubes, our machines deliver precise and clean cuts, ensuring optimal results for your metal fabrication projects. Experience the power of KBF Laser’s pipe cutting laser machines and elevate the quality of your work.

Efficient and Productive Operations

Efficiency and productivity are vital for the success of any metal fabrication business. Our pipe cutting laser machines are equipped with advanced CNC control systems, allowing for seamless and precise operations. With a cutting speed of up to 64m/min, our machines enable faster production cycles, reducing turnaround times and increasing your overall productivity. The air-cooled feature ensures optimal performance and eliminates the need for additional cooling systems. Trust in KBF Laser to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your metal fabrication operations.

Reliable Equipment and Dedicated Support

At KBF Laser, we prioritize the reliability and longevity of our equipment. Our pipe cutting laser machines are built with high-quality components from renowned brands such as JPT, RuiDa, HIGHYAG, and Might. We provide a 2-year warranty for core components, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the durability of your investment. Additionally, our team of experts is ready to provide dedicated support and guidance, helping you optimize your operations and maximize the performance of our pipe cutting laser machines. Choose KBF Laser as your trusted partner for success.


KBF Laser’s pipe cutting laser machines are the dependable solution to enhance your metal fabrication business. With our OEM service, versatile cutting capabilities, high-accuracy performance, and efficient operations, our machines empower you to achieve exceptional results. Experience the reliability and longevity of our equipment, backed by a 2-year warranty on core components. Trust in KBF Laser’s dedication to your success and unlock new possibilities for your metal fabrication business. Contact us today and revolutionize your operations with our advanced pipe cutting laser machines.

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