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Enhance Jewelry Manufacturing with KBF Laser’s Laser Soldering Robots

At KBF Laser, we understand the unique demands of the jewelry industry. That’s why we have developed advanced laser soldering robot that changes jewelry manufacturing processes. Our laser soldering robots utilize high-powered laser beams to join small and delicate metal parts with unparalleled precision and accuracy. Whether you are a small business or an individual jeweler, our desktop jewelry laser welders offer an affordable and accessible solution tailored to your needs.

Versatile and Adjustable Welding Capabilities

With KBF Laser’s jewelry laser welding machines, you gain access to a wide range of adjustable welding parameters. The energy of the laser, pulse width, frequency, and light class size can all be fine-tuned to achieve various welding effects. This versatility ensures that you can achieve the desired results for different jewelry materials and designs. Our laser light is stable, and the ammonia lamp boasts a remarkable lifespan of over 5 million times, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Superior Welding Results

Our laser soldering robots deliver exceptional welding outcomes for jewelry applications. The narrow solder joint width and minimal heat-affected area contribute to precise and delicate soldering, minimizing product deformation. The resulting welds exhibit high strength and integrity, ensuring the longevity and durability of the jewelry pieces. Furthermore, the advanced laser welding technology employed in our machines ensures pore-free welds, maintaining the flawless aesthetics of the jewelry.

Empowering Jewelry Manufacturers

KBF Laser’s laser soldering robots empower jewelry manufacturers of all scales. Our desktop jewelry laser welders offer an affordable entry point into laser welding technology, enabling small businesses and individual jewelers to enhance their manufacturing capabilities. By harnessing the precision and efficiency of our machines, jewelry manufacturers can create intricate designs, repair delicate pieces, and improve overall production efficiency. Our user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls make operating the laser soldering robots a seamless experience for all users.


As a laser machine manufacturer, KBF Laser has rich experience in laser application technology, OEM service, and overall automation solutions. With KBF Laser’s laser soldering robots, jewelry manufacturers can elevate their craftsmanship and productivity to new heights. Our versatile and adjustable welding capabilities, coupled with superior welding results, ensure that every jewelry piece is crafted with precision, strength, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are a small business or an individual jeweler, our affordable desktop jewelry laser welders provide the means to unlock your creative potential and meet the demands of the jewelry industry. Trust KBF Laser as your partner in jewelry manufacturing, and experience the transformative power of our laser soldering robots.

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