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Mastering the Art of Laser Soldering: A Guide by KBF Laser

Laser soldering is a highly precise technique used in the jewelry industry to join small and delicate metal parts with accuracy. At KBF Laser, we specialize in providing top-notch laser welding machines that simplify the process of laser soldering. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the fundamentals of laser soldering for jewelry and introduce two exceptional products from our range: the SL495/pro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine and the SL510 Desktop Integrated Jewelry Laser Welding Machine. In this article, we will explore how to use laser solder.

Understanding the Basics of Laser Soldering for Jewelry

Laser soldering offers numerous advantages for jewelry makers and repair professionals. Our 100W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine series provides the perfect tools for achieving intricate designs with precision and efficiency. These desktop jewelry laser welders are more affordable than larger industrial models, making them accessible to small businesses and individuals looking for high-quality soldering solutions.

Introducing the SL495/pro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

The SL495/pro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine is a cutting-edge device equipped with advanced features. It incorporates a one-piece vibration-free water cooling system, ensuring stable performance throughout the soldering process. With a dual display of a microscopic eyepiece electronic CCD camera, this machine allows real-time monitoring of the welded workpieces. Its seven-inch color touch screen offers intuitive operation and real-time monitoring capabilities. The adaptive voltage regulation micro power supply of 80-100W guarantees precise control over the welding process. Other notable features include the rocker valve and material collection plate, touchscreen parameter adjustment, and optional ring-shaped shadowless cold light and 360-degree warm light spotlight lighting. The SL495/pro’s compact design, easy installation, and independent unit module make it a user-friendly and low-maintenance device.

Exploring the SL510 Desktop Integrated Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

The SL510 Desktop Integrated Jewelry Laser Welding Machine is a portable and versatile solution designed for jewelry soldering needs. This machine boasts the smallest footprint in its category, making it highly portable and easy to handle. Equipped with high-definition microscopic eyepieces and electronic cameras, the SL510 allows for real-time display of welded workpieces, ensuring optimal results. Its optional electric lifting table provides height adjustability, catering to users of different body heights. With a high-quality voltage-regulating power supply, this machine delivers smooth and shiny solder joints, making it ideal for welding precious metals such as K gold, 5G, and full gold. The SL510 is an essential tool for jewelry stores, offering efficiency and precision in jewelry repair and manufacturing.


Mastering the art of laser soldering is crucial for jewelry makers and repair professionals. At KBF Laser, we offer a range of jewelry laser welding machines that streamline the process of laser soldering, providing exceptional performance at competitive prices. Our SL495/pro and SL510 models are meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of jewelry soldering. These advanced machines, equipped with state-of-the-art features, ensure precise control, real-time monitoring, and high-quality solder joints. Trust KBF Laser to provide superior solutions for your laser soldering needs. Contact us today to explore our products further and discover how our laser soldering machines can enhance your jewelry crafting and repair processes.

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