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Transforming Industries with KBF Laser: A Leader in Laser Cutting Machine Use

Laser cutting machines have revolutionized various industries, offering precise and efficient solutions for cutting a wide range of materials. KBF Laser, a leader in laser cutting machine use, specializes in providing innovative and tailored cutting solutions for strengthened and non-strengthened glass, sapphire glass, LCD screens, and other optical glass applications. In this article, we will explore how KBF Laser’s cutting-edge technology and expertise are transforming industries through our laser cutting machine use.

Strengthened and Non-Strengthened Glass Cutting

Mobile Phone Glass Cover: Enhancing Durability and Functionality:

KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines are instrumental in the production of mobile phone glass covers. With our precision and advanced cutting capabilities, KBF Laser ensures that the glass covers are cut with utmost accuracy, enhancing the durability and functionality of mobile devices.

1.Car Glass Cover: Safety and Precision in Automotive Applications:

In the automotive industry, safety and precision are paramount. KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines are utilized to cut car glass covers with exceptional accuracy and quality. This ensures that the glass covers fit perfectly, meeting the stringent safety requirements and contributing to the overall aesthetics of the vehicles.

2.Camera Glass Cover: Precision and Clarity for Optimal Performance:

With KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines, camera glass covers are crafted with unparalleled precision, enabling optimal performance and clarity of lenses. By providing precise cuts, KBF Laser ensures that camera glass covers deliver superior optical performance, contributing to the production of high-quality images.

Sapphire Glass Cutting

1.Sapphire Cover for Mobile Phones: Unmatched Scratch Resistance:

KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines excel in cutting sapphire covers for mobile phones. Sapphire is known for its exceptional scratch resistance, and KBF Laser’s machines precisely cut sapphire covers with intricate designs, providing mobile devices with unmatched durability and protection.

2.Sapphire Glass Cover for Cameras: Superior Lens Protection:

Cameras require robust and scratch-resistant glass covers to protect our lenses. KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines offer precise cutting of sapphire glass covers for cameras, providing superior lens protection. The result is enhanced durability, clarity, and image quality for cameras used in various applications.

LCD Screen Glass Cutting

1.Special-Shaped LCD Screen Inverted R/U/C Angle: Customized and Versatile Display Solutions:

KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines enable the precise cutting of special-shaped LCD screens, including inverted R/U/C angles. This customization capability allows for versatile display solutions that meet specific design requirements, catering to diverse industries such as consumer electronics, signage, and more.

2.LCD Screen Slitting: Efficient and Accurate Screen Separation:

Efficient and accurate screen separation is crucial in LCD screen manufacturing. KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines ensure precise slitting of LCD screens, delivering clean and accurate cuts. This capability enhances production efficiency and contributes to the overall quality of LCD displays.


KBF Laser’s laser cutting machines have transformed industries through our precise and efficient use in various applications. From strengthened and non-strengthened glass cutting to sapphire glass, LCD screens, and other optical glass cutting, KBF Laser’s cutting-edge technology and expertise offer customized solutions that enhance durability, precision, and performance. By utilizing KBF Laser’s laser cutting machine use with OEM/ODM services, industries can achieve superior results and stay at the forefront of innovation.