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Revolutionize Jewelry Manufacturing with KBF Laser’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

Jewelry manufacturing requires precision, creativity, and efficiency. At KBF Laser, we understand the unique needs of the industry and have developed cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize jewelry production. With our state-of-the-art laser cutting machine for jewelry, we empower jewelers to unleash their creativity and enhance productivity like never before.

Unmatched Laser Cutting Power and Precision

At the heart of our laser cutting machines lies the Co2 glass sealed laser tube, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional cutting power. With laser power options ranging from 60W to 150W, our machines deliver the perfect balance of strength and precision. Whether you’re working with delicate designs or intricate patterns, our laser cutting machines offer superior cutting quality that brings your vision to life.

Advanced Control System for Seamless Operation

We believe that user-friendly operation is essential for maximizing productivity. That’s why our laser cutting machines are equipped with a 64 Bit DSP control system, guaranteeing efficient processing and seamless operation. With a USB 2.0 Port and USB Disk interface, connecting and transferring data is quick and hassle-free. Our machines also boast high-resolution cutting capabilities, with a precision ratio of less than 0.025mm. This ensures that every detail of your jewelry design is accurately reproduced, resulting in flawless end products.

Comprehensive Accessories and Warranty for Peace of Mind

We understand that a reliable and comprehensive accessory package is crucial for a smooth and worry-free jewelry manufacturing process. That’s why our laser cutting machines come complete with essential accessories such as a water cooling unit, Air Pump, and Exhaust Blower Unit. These accessories work together to maintain optimal performance and ensure efficient operation.

For precise alignment, we offer an optional Red Pointer that assists in accurate positioning and alignment of your jewelry pieces. This feature is particularly beneficial when working on intricate designs that require meticulous placement. Additionally, we stand behind the quality of our products with a 2-year warranty. This warranty provides added assurance and support, giving you peace of mind as you utilize our laser cutting machines for your jewelry manufacturing needs.


KBF Laser is dedicated to revolutionizing the jewelry manufacturing industry with our cutting-edge solutions. Our laser cutting machines offer unmatched power, precision, and ease of operation. With our reliable Co2 glass sealed laser tube and laser power options, you can achieve superior cutting quality for even the most intricate jewelry designs. The advanced control system ensures seamless operation, while the comprehensive accessory package and optional Red Pointer enhance efficiency and precision. Plus, our 2-year warranty provides peace of mind, knowing that we stand behind the quality of our products. Unleash your creativity and boost productivity with KBF Laser’s jewelry laser cutting machines. Experience the difference that our solutions can make in your jewelry manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you take your jewelry business to new heights.

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