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Choose KBF Laser’s SL660/Pro for the Best Laser Welding Machine

At KBF Laser, we take pride in offering the best laser welding machines that meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries. Our SL660/Pro model stands out as a top choice for those seeking exceptional performance and reliability. With its wide range of applications and cutting-edge features, the SL660/Pro provides the perfect solution for precision welding tasks.

Highlighting the SL660/Pro Model and Its Capabilities

The SL660/Pro laser welding machine is designed to handle a variety of materials, including gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and their alloys. It is highly versatile and suitable for applications such as jewelry making, denture filling, watch hairspring, integrated circuit lead wire welding, and more. Industries such as optoelectronics, electronics, communications, machinery, automobiles, and even the military can benefit from its capabilities.

Key Features of the SL660/Pro Laser Welding Machine

Our SL660/Pro model comes equipped with advanced features that ensure optimal performance and ease of operation. The equipment incorporates a one-piece water cooling system, eliminating vibrations during the welding process and providing consistent and precise results. The dual display feature, coupled with a microscopic eyepiece electronic CCD camera, enables clear visualization and enhanced accuracy.

Operating the SL660/Pro is effortless thanks to the seven-inch color touch screen, which allows real-time monitoring and convenient parameter adjustment. The machine’s adaptive voltage regulation micro power supply, ranging from 100W to 120W, ensures stable and efficient welding operations. Additionally, the inclusion of a rocker valve and material collection plate enhances the overall user experience.

Benefits of Choosing KBF Laser’s Best Laser Welding Machine

By choosing KBF Laser’s SL660/Pro, businesses can enjoy numerous benefits that set it apart as the best laser welding machine on the market. The machine offers a wide range of spot diameter adjustability, from 0.1mm to 3.0mm, allowing for precise customization based on specific welding requirements. The built-in welding silo exhaust circulation system ensures a clean working environment and efficient fume extraction.

For comfortable and fatigue-free long-term operation, the SL660/Pro features a 3D soft bag elbow rest, designed with human ergonomics in mind. The control screen’s vertical and multi-angle design enhances usability and makes transportation convenient. Independent electrical protection switches guarantee safe production, while the independent unit module design simplifies installation and maintenance processes.


When it comes to selecting the best laser welding machine, KBF Laser’s SL660/Pro stands out as the ultimate choice. Its versatility, advanced features, and reliability make it a valuable asset across industries. With the SL660/Pro, businesses can experience the convenience of parameter adjustments, ergonomic design, and safety features that ensure optimal performance and efficient workflow. Choose KBF Laser for your laser welding needs and unlock a world of precision and excellence. Contact us today to learn more about the SL660/Pro and how it can elevate your welding operations.

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