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In the wave of information technology, industrialization faces many challenges.  “Chinese manufacturing 2025” around the strategic goal of realizing manufacturing power, the 9 strategic tasks and focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, aimed at a new round of global industrial development, promote the close integration of traditional industries and 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence and other emerging industries. In the “made in China 2025” background, in 2016, domestic laser enterprises have opened the “intelligent” process, laser equipment and solutions further upgraded.  With the country’s efforts to promote new energy vehicles, new display industries, laser applications began to expand new directions. The laser industry has become the economic structure adjustment of the heights, through technical grafting, has a broad market prospect of laser in the iron and steel, chemical, automotive and other industrial production, laser processing has the characteristic of “flexible”, combined with the automation and intelligence, innovation will drive the whole system of manufacturing industry upgrade, the the manufacturing process more efficient. The transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry is the turning point of the traditional processing technology to the laser processing technology transformation. Guangdong’s laser applications market ranked first in the country, accounting for more than 40%, while the Shenzhen laser industry output accounted for 27% of the national share. As a grand meeting of China’s laser industry, the three day LASERFAIR2017 China (Shenzhen) laser Intelligent Manufacturing Expo (referred to as “exciting Expo”) was successfully concluded at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on 25 th. Ten years ago from the Asian forum to today’s laser laser Intelligent Manufacturing Expo, “Chinese bowel Expo” has become a bridge and link between the production enterprises and research units, users worldwide in the field of laser processing, become a social audience in laser technology, laser crack extension line industry secret window, promote the popularization and application of laser technology in china. Jin Chinese Bofang laser as the laser industry well-known enterprises, for Chinese exciting Expo “this event is certainly not absent. The exhibition, Jin bofine laser laser products carrying a number of reporters to participate in the entire process, Jin bofine Chairman Mr. Tan Xiaoming at the end of the exhibition, chairman Qin said: “exciting Expo provides a stage for us, we can make a good display of our products, but also gives us a platform, let us open the broader market”. For the “China Expo”, chairman Qin said it was more satisfactory, for three reasons: First, the sales are good The scene stopped clients, said Jin bofine reception staff enthusiasm, the product is Bo eye, the customer is satisfied with on-site proofing products. In addition, there are professional purchasers of laser products have shown bofine Jin cooperation intention. Second, causing a sensation The exhibition carried by Jin bofine laser battery ear cutting system, PCB online marking traceability system, three axis rotary marking system products, live shows high popularity, bring a sensational effect. Third, a lot of benefits Chinese “fair” exhibition will be held during the Asian forum held at the same laser, the laser field convergence of national and global top experts, the number of industry experts lithium battery, power battery, electronic welding development of micro welding applications, laser welding machine, automobile steel plate, welded metal parts and other issues in the speech. Among them, Jin bofine laser to Chairman Mr. Tan Xiaoming as the representative of the speech at the conference “Application of laser welding technology” in lithium batteries have the theme of applause. In addition, in the “dream Chinese laser dream 2017 China (Shenzhen) laser Intelligent Manufacturing Expo for the party, Jin bofine laser won the” outstanding contribution award”. “Chinese manufacturing 2025” has already begun, the old era has ended, the new era is opening; in the highly variable and competitive era, Jin bofine laser are all innovative laser products, laser intelligent leading advanced manufacturing, boost industrial upgrading, writing of “magnificent chapter 2025 Chinese manufacturing”.