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In April 28th, 2017 of the fourth China (Chaozhou) stainless steel products Expo officially opened, this exhibition scale, setting up a total of 1500 international standard booths, the exhibition area of 30000 square meters, attracted from more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide professional buyers about more than 10000 people, more than 40000 people came to visit, for exhibitors and professional buyers to create a unique information exchange, product sales, technical exchanges and cooperation platform. You can see in the Expo site, careful layout of the exhibition hall, stainless steel related products exhibitors send a superb collection of beautiful things, the hustle and bustle of large crowds, lively scene, which, from Shenzhen Jin bofine Laser Technology Co Ltd is the exhibition gathered a large number of audience, highly sought after. In order to make buyers more intuitive understanding of the product, Jin bofine company staff to explain the product structure and display advantages for buyers in addition, the reporter also noted that the exhibition company Kam bofine heavy launch products include 3015 cutting machine, three axis platform welding machine and laser color marking machine (Booth No.: 2T75), it is understood that the application of laser technology plays a very important role for the production of stainless steel and finished products, and Jin bofine paragraph three of this automatic laser equipment is more advantage, so in the stainless steel industry wide acclaim. The show, many buyers of Jin bofine 3015 cutting machine showed great interest in the audience is also a strong crowd, according to Jin bofine, 3015 cutting machine adopts Longmen steel structure, precision welding machine bed, high temperature annealing, the stress failure processing, a large Longmen rail seat milling cutter, can be used for stainless steel and alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminum and alloy and other metal materials with rigidity, stability, seismic and other advantages of high. In fact, each of the products under the banner of the Jin Bofang has its unique advantages, from the 3015 cutting machine in the remarkable. The first day of the Chaozhou stainless steel products Expo in the audience of the latest technology, stainless steel products, stainless steel products display quality praise, said the trip, at the same time, the exhibition also promoted the communication and exchange of manufacturers, distributors and buyers have their. The Jin’s many articles, bofine quality products to participate in the exhibition, will also further enhance brand awareness, expand the brand market influence, this is Jin bofine can give full play to its advantages in the broader market provides an opportunity.