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Enter the semiconductor field and complete the batch delivery of companion packaging bracket testing equipment Complete the research, development and delivery of semiconductor wafer grooving equipment Complete automatic PACK delivery of lithium battery Complete the strategic cooperation deployment with Sany


Complete the batch sales of TFT LCD screen cutting, complete the research and development of glass cutting machine, and realize the research and development of glass laser chamfering Receive the order of ASM advanced semiconductor packaging inspection equipment and complete the delivery Received the order for welding automation of Foxconn..Read More


Research and develop 550P/h mass production models, and obtain the highest semi-automatic capacity in the industry We received an order of 40 million pole ear cutting from Chaoye Precision. Become the only supplier of comprehensive laser solutions in the industry Invested and developed infrared leather thick glass cutting machine,ultraviolet picosecond..Read More


The camera FPC board defective product coding detection equipment was successfully developed and delivered, and was recognized by the terminal customer Shunyu FPC, PCB and other precision cutting machines are sold in batches SMT online coding completes the sales of many customers in the automotive electronics industry


Add 3C category, auto electronics business Cooperate with Tianma to invest in automatic marking detection equipment for mobile phone backlight, and sell it to Longli, Baoming, Juwei and other customers Successful development of solder paste welding machine


Installation, commissioning and delivery of 18650PACK line imitating Tesla process are completed. The full-automatic laser ear cutting machine was installed, commissioned and delivered at Yinlong site, with a speed of 60m/min


Started to invest in the research and development of lithium battery whole line solutions, and successfully delivered them, gaining certain brand influence in the power battery manufacturing industry SMT online code printing completed commissioning and batch delivery at TCL site, and the turnover in the same year increased by 500%..Read More


Lithium battery lug cutting laser solution supporting Yinghe Technology was successfully tested in batch at Guoxuan, and 20 sets were sold in batch in the same year The core members of the team building lithium battery laser automation production line are mostly from Jiyang Automation Fully launch 3C business and..Read More


The development and sales of laser 5-axis deep engraving machine that replaces part of the EDM corner cleaning function have been completed The online flight code printer for wire tube and glass packaging has been successfully developed and sold to India, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries


PK, SISMA 6-axis large automobile die repair welding machine has been successfully developed and sold to Europe and America for many times 3D dynamic laser engraving machine was successfully developed and sold to Armani Dai Factory in Vietnam